This Weeks Delish: 5/7/11

This is the first post of a regular Saturday post I am starting. As much as I want to, it’s very hard to make a new dish everyday, let alone for me to eat all the food I am making. Too bad I don’t have anyone to cook/bake for… my husband doesn’t count because I am convinced he doesn’t like the act of eating in general. Anyways, this will help me keep us with my posts without leaving you all out to dry! So, I am going to be taking Saturdays and posting 5 recipes that I have found from other blogs. I am also going to post my most recommended recipe that I posted for the week. Let’s begin shall we?

Cooking Blog Finds:

  • Spring to me means lemon for some reason. Or anything with fruit really for that matter, but especially lemon. When I saw these Glazed Lemon Cookies I just thought that they were so sweet looking. They would make the perfect cookie for spring.
  • On an opposite spectrum, here is a delicious looking and easy to make brownie recipe. These Knock You Naked Brownies employ the help of a box cake mix for the base and some caramels for the gooey filling. I know I like making things from scratch, but the idea of having a shortcut when your pressed for time is really appealing, especially when you get such a yummy result!
  • Oh boy, oh boy… I love french toast. And this french toast is soooo decadent, it’s hard for you not to drool looking at the pictures. I mean Creme Brulee French Toast… hello? How can you say no to that?
  • Okay, this one is kind of crazy sounding… which makes me want to try it all the more- to see if it actually works haha so as an experiment, you may see this Ice Cream Bread coming up very soon!
  • In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here is another one for you, but with a little twist. Instead of the ordinary Tres Leches Cake, which is ammmmazing- try this Tres Cocos Leche Cake. Looks so yummy and very easy.
My Recipe Pick of the Week:

Almond Saffron Cake!¬†Okay, Okay, Okay… even if you don’t have saffron or want to spend the money on it. Heck, if you don’t even have the orange it calls for- make this recipe! I can’t stress how moist and delicious it is as just a plain almond cake even. It’s a winner, trust me.

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