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I hope that everybody is getting ready for the food fest that is Thanksgiving! I know my tummy is pretty excited : ) Hopefully I was able to share with you a few recipes that you might enjoy for your holiday season. Or maybe for just an anytime treat : ) Can’t wait to get busy in the kitchen next week- good luck to all you other Thanksgiving chefs out there! Until I return on Monday, here are a few things I found online that looked especially delicious.


  • Be prepared to see these beauties on the blog eventually! I mean you can’t go wrong with pb and chocolate, but when you add oreos into the mix you get what some might call “heaven”. Check out these decadent Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies for yourself.
  • Aren’t these Oreo Turkey’s┬ájust to die for?! I originally saw them on top of a chocolate cupcake and thought they were SO cute. They are pretty darn cute on their own though : ) And not too tough to make either, just basic candy assembly.

  • Although this recipe is for chicken, I bet it would make the perfect turkey Bacon Ranch Panini! I know that I like to spice up my turkey after the first few days of leftovers, why don’t you give it a try too? Or go ahead and make it with chicken for an any night of the week kind of meal!
  • I absolutely LOVE butternut squash dishes. This pizza gives a fresh take to squash- Butternut Squash Pizza with Sage Pesto! If only I could find fresh sage in Germany… I guess you’ll just have to try this for me and let me know how incredible it is : p
Pick of the Week:
I was really impressed with how great these chewy sugar cookies were. Possibly because I am a huge fan of anything that doesn’t require a mixer… haha but! the texture and flavor were divine so I think that definitely helps too. If you like cookies that aren’t crisp or sandy, you will certainly enjoy these!

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