November Daring Baker’s Challenge

sans rival cake

SO excited that I am now a member of the Daring Baker’s group! I’ve been wanting to join ever since I began my blogging journey : )

For those of you out there that are unsure of what the Daring Baker’s is, I’ll give you a quick run down. It’s a group of baking enthusiasts that challenge each other with a recipe each month. All member’s release a post about the challenge on the same day within that month. It’s quite fun and exciting, especially if you enjoy spreading your culinary wings in the kitchen hehe which I DO!

This month we were challenged to bake a Filipino dessert. I chose to make the Sans Rival cake- a traditional cake of layers made with meringue and finely chopped nuts, frosted with an incredibly delicious buttercream.

SO let me give you the quick run down of how a Sans Rival recipe is executed-

Sans Rival Cake

First you want to finely chop up your nut of choice.

Two things:

One- you can use any nut that you please. Cashews are traditional, but all are acceptable.

(pecans, walnuts, and almonds are expecially great choices)

Two- when I say “finely” chop your nuts, I mean it. NOT a small chop, a fine chop.

Even ground nuts would be a great decision here.

The nuts in my photo are walnuts.

And I didn’t find them chopped enough. I know. I failed myself.

Sans Rival Cake

The next task at hand is to make the meringue.

As with all meringues, it is vital that the egg whites be at room temperature. This is serious.

Oh, and this recipe uses TEN egg whites.

That’s quite a bit for your mixer.

I have to confess and tell you that this is where things went south for my meringue…

There was just too much in the mixer, so I thought the meringue was ready far too prematurely.

They were well whipped on the top but the whites that I got to at the bottom while spreading in the cake pans…

well, lets just say they weren’t far from meringue soup : (

Anyways, bottom line is- be sure to whip ALL your meringue to stiff peaks!!!

Sans Rival Cake

The next couple steps are pretty basic.

Spread the meringue into four 9″ circular cake pans that have been lined with parchment paper and well greased.

If you don’t have 4 cake pans (doubtful) then you will have to take turns baking the layers.

My meringue deflated while I was alternating cake pans, so I only had three layers in my cake.

Hopefully you own 4 cake pans and won’t run into that problem (again, doubtful).

Or maybe you’ll just whip your meringue well enough that it won’t deflate on you…

Bake for 30 minutes and let cool completely.

Then go ahead and start layering and frosting!

I wasn’t able to get any photos of the buttercream process because

I had to make it in the evening when my kitchen is absent light : ( Sorry!

sans rival cake

Again, I had problems with the meringue so if you don’t under whip the egg whites than your layers should be at least double that size.

AND if you finely chop your nuts like I suggest, you won’t have chunks of nut like I have in my cake.

Oh well. It was still SUPER yummy!

And as I mentioned earlier- that frosting was so creamy and delicious : ) Two thumbs up!

If you are interested in getting the recipe, please visit Munchie Musings Blog.

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