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It’s the weekend before Christmas- yay!!! I am so excited to celebrate this Holiday season. Unfortunately, my Husband is deployed and won’t be here (which is of course super sad), BUT! My new baby is due on the 25th and I just can’t wait to meet him/her. At the moment it feels as though this baby is going to be living inside me forever as I wait day after day for something to happen, but hopefully by next weekend I will have some wonderful news to share with you all : ) So as I wait for my baby to arrive, I just hope that all of you enjoy your Holiday, hopefully surrounded by all your loved ones!


I really, really want to try out this Vanilla Cake recipe and add it to my cake comparison- see how it stacks up! It looks pretty darn good..

by Sweetapolita


A fun flavored chocolate cookie- Salted Mudslide Cookies! With lots of delicious Kahlua…

by How Sweet It Is

banana cake roll

This is such an interesting dessert- a Banana Roll with Cheesecake Filling! A great take on a banana dessert.

by Eat Cake For Dinner


A super easy slow cooker chicken recipe- I’m making this for dinner tomorrow!!

by Chef Mommy


Here is another delicious Mexican chicken recipe- Simple Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. Yummy!


This Weeks Pick: 100% these Pecan Pralines- they were awesome!! Definitely one of my favorite candy recipes. And they are so much easier than you might think. Just mix all the ingredients together (except pecans), bring to 236°F, stir in the pecans, and then dollop on parchment. DONE! I love them : )


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