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I am going to Nuremberg this morning. I have big plans for my credit card. But more importantly I am going to see my little brother for possibly the last time in a long time. He was stationed over here with the Army too. His contract is up and he will be heading back to the States very soon. It makes me a little sad : / It’s been nice having family over here while being so far and removed from what we know as home. So that’s what I plan on doing today- saying good-bye to my baby brother. I might bake some chocolate chip cookies to take to him. I spoil him like that : )

In other news! My big plans for things here at The Sweet Spot are progressing nicely. I have created a series of posts for next week that are SUPER informative. They give you all sorts of resources and tips about blogging. Not really food related but pretty interesting stuff. I can’t to see what you guys think! Here is the break down:

Monday, June 3rd:

My Blogging Journey- How I started my blog and the steps I’ve taken along the way.

Tuesday, June 4th:

How to Start a Blog- A complete rundown of how to get a blog up and running, along with video tutorials and tips for success.

Wednesday, June 5th:

Blogging Tips and Resources- Essentially a summarization of what I covered the day before in a easy to follow list.

Thursday, June 6th:

All-time Income- Exactly what it sounds like! A list of what I’ve made as a profit since I started my blog.

Friday, June 7th:

My First Video Tutorial- I recorded a cooking video of how to bake an original recipe by yours truly! From Scratch Blueberry Cake : )


And now for this weeks recipe finds….

S’mores make the list as one of my all-time favorite things. I could probably eat ten of them. Maybe more. And ice cream version of this treat beckons for me.

by A Pumpkin and A Princess

Gotta love Nutella. And gooey butter cakes? We go back a ways. Put the two together and we’ve just become friends for life.

by Tidy Mom

Can you believe that I’ve never had German Chocolate Cake? It’s on my list of things to do. To be honest though, I might get to these German Chocolate Cheesecake Bars first…

by Technicolor Kitchen

It took me a while to get Dave to agree to like meatloaf. Maybe I should try this Taco Meatloaf on him next?

by Boulder Locavore

This Weeks Pick: I don’t usually pick savory recipes for “This Weeks Pick”, but this recipe deserves it. BLT Potato Salad. I LOVED it. My parents loved it. Even Dave loved it! Now that is sayin’ something.


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