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completeguideMaybe you are looking to make a little money as a part-time job or just create a new hobby for yourself- whatever your reason for wanting to start your own blog, don’t despair about all the technical work involved- it’s easy!

Whether you are interested in finances, parenting, couponing, fashion, DIY work, or food (like me!), if you have a passion for something than you can very easily do what you love and be a successful blogger at it!

how to start a blog_2Let me help you start your blog today- I’ve seen many websites that offer all the information you need to create your own blog, but at exorbitant prices (I myself paid $200+ for video tutorials.) I want to help you achieve your goals for FREE! Not only will I show you how to quickly set up your blog, but I will help you with the follow up work to get it going as well- working with WordPress, designing a layout, the best starter plugins, posting, and marketing. And I am giving this all to you with NO CHARGE! Why would I do such a thing? Well, not only do I want to give you the help that I didn’t have when I started my own blog, but you’ll also be helping me in return. If you purchase your web hosting or theme program through the link I’ve provided, I will earn a small commission. Everybody wins :)

Setting up a blog takes only 15 minutes out of your day!




Let’s begin! Click on this link to head to Step 1: Introduction to the Blogging World>>>

Laura is the publisher of Laura’s Sweet Spot- a blog making regular contributions about baking, cooking, and blogging tips!

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