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What a DULL week I had. As productive as I tried to be, the big rain cloud looming over all of Bavaria was like sucking the progress out of my life. I tried to do important things, but all I really managed to do was break through a full season of Alias on Netflix. Well, I guess some would consider that important in its’ own right, but seriously! Enough is enough. The sun is teasing me through the clouds today and I think that might just piss me off enough to get me off my butt. Maybe. Do you know that I haven’t even thought once about what we are going to eat this week!? I think about how I have to go to the grocery store and my mind just sort of goes fuzzy. Who is this person inhabiting my body??? I think I am suffering from a vitamin D deficiency and it is effecting my brains ability to do anything but watch Alias. Oh boy. Better luck next week maybe…

Samoas are my FAVORITE girl scout cookie. Forget Thin Mint. Samoas were its’ at. I made Samoa Bars last year, I should try cute little Samoa Cookies like this sometime. Keep more true to the real thing.

by Sweet Cakes Bakeshop

Something about this gooey chocolate-pecan topping makes you want to dive your face into this Cake… literally. If I made this I would probably lick the topping off immediately.

by Danas Treats


Doesn’t this Brownie look so ultra GOOEY!? I’m lovin’ it. And guess what? Totally GLUTEN FREE.

by Just Putzin’

Watermelon Cupcakes! What a simple way to decorate a cupcake in the summer- I bet I could even do that! And I can barely get the frosting on the sides of my cakes to stay up.

by Gina

Dinner? Yes I think so. I’ll let you know what I think of these Healthy Cranberry Cherry Chicken Wraps after I demolish them this weekend.

by Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom

This Weeks Pick: Not the easiest week for me to pick a top post for you. I didn’t share any recipes except for the Blueberry Layer Cake (along with my first video recipe!)- the week was full of informational posts about blogging. Sorry about jam packing all the posts into one week, but I wanted to get them published so I could advertise them in sidebar buttons (check them out to your right! ->) and I though- why not do a themed week?? BLOGGING WEEK! Haha not too exciting for those of you that don’t give two figs about blogging, but maybe a few of you found it helpful. I remember when I first started blogging I hated that none of the blogs I read mentioned anything about how they got their blog together. I talk about that experience in My Blogging Journey post. But for right now I am just going to share How to Create a Blog as my post pick for the week. It took A LOT of time to put this together. I wanted to cover all my bases and provide you with enough information to actually understand what it takes to create a blog and give you the ability to create one for yourself. Pretty proud of it, if I don’t say so myself : ) So check it out if you haven’t already!


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