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Where it all Began

When I think back to when my blog first began and where it is now, I simply can’t believe it. I had no idea how little I knew about the... Read More

This Weeks Delish!

I am going to Nuremberg this morning. I have big plans for my credit card. But more importantly I am going to see my little brother for possibly the last time in... Read More

Quinoa Dinner Rolls

Who here thinks that quinoa has the weirdest texture ever? It’s bubbly but crunchy… not my favorite thing. I pretty much avoid it at all costs. I’ve been seeing it... Read More

Chicken Pea Pesto Pasta

I had an extra bag of peas in my freezer. I don’t really like peas. Not plain anyways. So, I decided to come up with a recipe planned around the... Read More

Homemade Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Reeses were probably one of my favorite candies growing up. It’s a pretty good toss up between Reeses and Snickers. I could go either way. But no matter what my... Read More

Alton Brown’s “The Chewy”

How many chocolate chip cookie recipes does a person need? I think this may be the 5th I am sharing with you… is that excessive? Probably. But I swear it’s a... Read More

BLT Potato Salad

Holy cow! Did you know that it’s Memorial Day today!? I had no idea. Absolutely no clue. How removed from society am I?? It wasn’t until I sat down this... Read More

This Week’s Delish!

It’s official. The sun forgot where Germany is. It’s been one week since we put up our giant trampoline and we were only able to use it one day. And... Read More

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